Der Hackerfunk aus Zürich. Jeden ersten Samstag im Monat ab 18:00 Uhr auf Radio Radius.

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  • Thomas (HF-140 - Commodore 64)
  • Stefan (HF-140 - Commodore 64)
  • Felix (HF-138 - Android, Custom ROMs, Flashing)
  • hb (HF-138 - Android, Custom ROMs, Flashing)
  • Clüsch (HF-136 - Tech Desaster 2)


Live @ OHMroep

Live from Geestmerambacht, Netherlands at OHM2013, we were joined by the Susi, rootman and mnml from the Hackers On A Bike from Austria. This a one-time only two-hour english edition of the Hackerfunk! This is the Vorbis-Version.

# 11-08-2013 by Venty | OGG